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In mid February, I undertook a tutorial about changing fonts on a web page*(see footnote at the end of this post for details).¬† I had tried other solutions but this one called FaceLift was better. I am using it here on this blog. Notice that all of the headlines are in a slab serif font? See also Pages,¬† Categories, etc. in the sidebar? This is Gold to a web designer. This enables me to give my clients unique design (aka “branding”), my raison d’etre.

I like to learn more about these authors. Many are engineers in school or just out. Always interesting to see what other projects  they have done and what kind of work is in their portfolio. was the homepage. Odd thing here was that the author, Cory Mawhorter, was not very forthcoming. No portfolio. Just one other project which looked like a precursor to FaceLift.

I started digging in his personal blog and found a post from October that he was finalizing plans to take his van on a quest to see America. 50 states in 52 weeks. He had a number of delays, but by the time I was reading his blog in mid February, he was three weeks into his trip. It was the Monday before Mardi Gras and Cory was in New Orleans…. Read more

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    The Success and Failure of Picasso
    Berger wrote this while Picasso was still alive. Quite interesting to read why this Marxist critic thinks the communist artist failed.
    Pig Earth
    First in the trilogy and my favorite. He reminds me of Louise Ehrdrich. I wrote and told him so.
    Once in Europa
    The last book in the trilogy. Not my favorite but a worthy conclusion.