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Margaret Roach Inc. is also a print publisher. Hot off the presses is the memoir manual Writing What You Know: Realia by Marion Roach Smith–Margaret’s sister, but no relation to me. Described as “the essential, eccentric guidebook for anyone telling their own story—in print or on a blog. Stop treading water in writing exercises or hiding behind ‘writer’s block,’ and learn to write memoir with intent, starting today. Marion Roach Smith’s disarmingly frank but wildly fun and unforgettable tactics, gleaned from the sold-out class she has been teaching for 13 years, will teach you how.”

I designed the cover and the interior, thoroughly enjoying being back in the realm of paper and ink. Of course, it is all done on the computer, but the process and results seem so different than web design.

More details are here at

Buy Writing What You Know: Realia, just $12.95 plus shipping, from:

The Lumpen Institute of Fine Arts is a social network on for friends who share my interest in politics and art. It has also proved to be a good example for my clients who need a network site. Ning is similar to Facebook. For example, Steve Brodner uses it for his illustration class at SVA and my son-in-law uses it for organizing his companions on their trek up Mount Rainier. (No links to either of those as they are private.) I am blogging about it here because I have found many clients and associates to be unaware of And because I just made a post there.

Like Facebook, is free. That’s not quite the same as Open Source but it is all part of the the “the new economy.” That’s a loaded phrase, but yes, the internet is changing our culture, including how we do business. I am fascinated with this change. I am part of it and trust my posts here are informative to clients and visitors about how that affects our shared interests.

Most of my website design for the past two years has been done using WordPress software as a CMS–content management system. WordPress is Open Source. (This last link will take you to Wikipedia–also Open Source.) Its advantages and disadvantages effect my designs. Go to Is Open Source a New Economic Paradigm? if this interests you. I will make updates about economics and philosophy there and about how it affects my design and my clients here.

• The April Wired magazine cover story How the Tablet Will Change the World has a pant load of information about our changing computer culture. Steven Levy outlines the brewing battle between Apple’s proprietary OS and Google’s open source Read more

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    The Success and Failure of Picasso
    Berger wrote this while Picasso was still alive. Quite interesting to read why this Marxist critic thinks the communist artist failed.
    Pig Earth
    First in the trilogy and my favorite. He reminds me of Louise Ehrdrich. I wrote and told him so.
    Once in Europa
    The last book in the trilogy. Not my favorite but a worthy conclusion.