Sormania Flower Series - Memorable Memorial Weekend

First, a few words about Sormania, the home of Steven and Melissa Sorman. I met Steven at the University of Minnesota. That must have been 1967. Steven is an amazing artist. Check it out. Steven and Melissa moved to Columbia county in 1994. My wife, Vera, proclaimed it "Sormania." We are the city mice and they are the country mice.

In February 2009, I bought an iPod Touch and knew there must be a way to draw on it. I did a search and tried the apps Scribble Lite and Sketches. They were okay. Scribble was very graphic, like gauche. Sketches had transparency, more like watercolor. I was referred to SteveJohn who wrote that he uses Brushes. About this same time I learned that David Hockney was sending his friends flowers drawn on his iPhone. They looked to me like they were done with Brushes. I paid $5 for the app and left for Memorial Day weekend in Sormania.

Melissa has many talents but I like to think her raison d'etre is to "create ambiance" (her words.) I have been trying to understand why I felt compelled to "paint" her ever changing flower arrangements. Maybe it was Hockney. Maybe it is because Sormania is magical and inspiring. Let's just leave it at that. Enough with the analysis. These are "digital" drawings in both senses.

To view the painting process, click play arrow in bottom left corner of image.

See Sormania on YouTube

Bath Daisies - May 22, 2009

Kitchen Tulips - May 22, 2009

TV Room Russian Olive - May 23, 2009

Porch Amaryllis - May 24, 2009

Living room Honeysuckle - May 24, 2009

Bedroom Grasses - May 25, 2009

White Lilacs - June 15, 2009

Peony - June 18, 2009

Wild Roses - June 18, 2009

Yellow Iris - June 19, 2009