Mate. Right. Tosser. Indeed.
Wordsmith I've known since VB &
VBS dove in2 TC 4 their PhDs;
where you were, and R, a prof.
Children. Media. Culture. Trauma.
I protest all that you profess.

We raised our raquettes back then
B4 computers. Then prowled museums.
You once taught scuba in Bermuda?
Really? And we R the same age?
Who keeps their year of birth a secret
4 forty years? Because?

411 chin wag: why we R mates:
eMail. Unexpected puns. Nonsequetors. Blimey Limey limericks. Shaggy dog tails.
I say: world peace would break out
IF everyone participated. Aha!
Uh huh.


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