AKA Rampart. Bambi.
Mama! She calls herself
And my Vera. Why?
Because (unspoken) we are family.
Boom! Chucka Lucka

First TIME was family. 1977.
Light tables. Rubber cement. Walter(s). MOY. Nation. Ron. Jose(s).
The stairwell. Got Albums?
Then, “the oven blew up.”

Mrs. Greenthums RIP.
Lord & Lady Duchebag SNL
Uncle Roy? He makes me laugh.

The Giants. The Yankees.
Phyllis. LT. Jeter. Paulie.
51C. I’ll be the judge of that
Mr. Trippington. You can’t
Be trusted with the remote.

Now LA has adopted her.
We text. Sometimes. But
Yakking has no twin.

Cat’s in the bag.
Bag’s in the river.


Irene allocutes 12.01.13