Bewildering Barcelona

Casa Milà aka Pedrera

This and the Sagrada Familia basilica were the highlights of my Goudi feast. There were long lines here too so I paid €27 for the first class ticket and went directly to the famous roof. It is like a playground. The fantastic shapes are chimneys. What is their design genesis? Is there a Moorish influence I am missing? I had the impression the Moorish tenure in Catalonia was minimal. I wonder if the residents spent much time there? One of the chimneys was a mosaic of broken champagne bottles. I suppose that spoke to the times. Two floors of apartments were open for viewing with original Gaudi period furniture. I was very interested to experience these rooms with only a rare right angle. Surprisingly they seemed to be quite functional. The kitchen especially. They all certainly had “personality.”

Above: roof top panorama made with the AutoStitch app.
To see my 3D VR panorama of the roof using TheSphere app, click here. You can get the iOS Sphere app here.

You can read about Casa Mila here: