iPad drawings were a must for me. I did not anticipate how much I would enjoy them and the conundrum of digital art.  I made two books: Self Portraits and Flora.
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sc_Dead Fish
Field Report Drawings on Paper are part of the Field Report Studies. The Field Report Studies was a decade long observation of nature that began with planting an avocado seed.
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My Father had a heart attack in 1986. I made these drawings during the four months I moved home to care for him. He did not know what year it was but he could still play cribbage.
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My Mother moved to an assisted living home where I visited and drew her while we talked or she rested. I experimented drawing with multicolored pens, paint sticks and pencils.
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Self portraits done on graph paper during my Field Report period are included in this dynamic grid. Later I added other observations made in ink and water color.
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Famous Artists was developed from my ideas about our culture’s narrow understanding of art history and the broad influence of cinema. Are these illustrations or are they art?
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Landscapes on Paper are part of the painting series Landscapes on Board and Landscapes on Handmade Paper. (More drawings will be included later.)
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